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    See CHN webinar page for listing of many webinars and related resources, as well as the short webinar list on this page.

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    U.S. Budget

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    Pennsylvania Budget

    July 2012 - For comprehensive analysis of the 2012-13 budget adopted June 30, 2012, see pennbpc.org - Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center's extensive resources. The Legislature restored some of the cuts proposed by Governor Corbett, but General Assistance ended in August, 2012, and there have been other siginificant cutbacks in education and social service programs during the current legislative session.

    April 2012 - The 2012-13 budget proposed by Governor Corbett makes additional cuts (about 20% overall) to social services that affect our poorest and most vulnerable citizens. (See LCCC's summary 2012-13 State Budget Analysis.)

    July 2011 - The 2011-12 budget signed by Governor Corbett in June cuts about $1 billion from the 2010-11 budget, to keep spending at $27.3 billion. Pennsylvania ended the 2010-11 budget year with a $786 million surplus, but only about $200 million has been carried over to the 2011-12 budget.

    The most substantial cuts are borne by public schools and universities, but there were substantial cuts to many social services as well, at a time of continuing high unemployment and For budget details, see PBPC analysis of the 2011-12 budget and 2012-13 budget analysis. Also see United Way Budget Forum resource page for more details about impact of the proposed budget in the Lehigh Valley.

    Free Webinars

    Past webinars are archived for on-line viewing.

    See CHN webinar page for other and more recent budget-related webinars.
    Also, Tax Fairness Organizing Collaborative (TFOC) offers monthly "Tax Fairness Tuneup" webinars.

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