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Congregations in Mission: Finding Common Causes

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Calvary Baptist Church

October 20, 2011
at Calvary Baptist Church

Mission Groups

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Mission Groups and (Group Leaders)

This is one of the groups that formed at our October 20, 2011 gathering at Calvary Baptist Church. Look for updates here, or contact the group leader for more information about an individual group.

Economic Inequality, Hunger, Immigration, and Healthcare (Beth Reed)

Economic inequality

  • Occupy Allentown
    • Facebook--Adam Santos
  • Pat Toomey
    • Schedule meetings
  • Adopt a family/school
  • Shelters - increased need, esp. for women
  • Donations
    • Money
    • skills
  • book study


  • Bread for the World
  • Food pantry
    • Organize transportation to known pantries:
      • Grace Episcopal
      • Luther Crest
      • LCConfC
      • Catasauqua
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Why is food so unhealthy in the shelters?
  • Supper at school
    • Food at school is also not that healthy
    • Food deserts
  • Where can people go to buy food at a discount?


  • Educate new people
    • Hope UCC is learning about immigration
    • If we could educate ourselves, we could advocate more effectively
  • Go to restaurant that serves food from another country
  • Refugees
    • Many Burmese at First Presbyterian and Calvary Baptist
  • Get to know another church/partner with an ethnic church
  • Find out about anti-racism training and take it


  • Many charitable trusts offer healthcare insurance

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Created: November 15, 2011